“We believe that through truth, service and a united body, we can obtain a great many things for the individual member of the body that as an individual member it would be impossible to obtain; therefore, we, the members of the Federal Employees Association of the United States of America join in a united body to work together for the greatest benefits for the member, the member’s family, the body as a whole and the United States of America.”
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Dental Plan

FEA/GEA offers its members who are active federal or postal employees the opportunity to purchase a dental plan in addition to standard membership. Currently only available to our members in Texas and Florida. Not available to retired federal and governement employees.

• No deductibles
• No waiting periods
• No claim forms
• No yearly maximums
• No lifetime maximum
• Guaranteed issue
• Very low copayment
• 1000’s of general dentists

Preventive Services
• Cleanings
• X-rays
• Exams


Routine Services
• Restorative (fillings)
• Oral Surgery (extractions)
• Endodontics (root canals)
• Periodonics

Major Services
• Crowns
• Bridges
• Dentures


• Adult orthodontia
• Child orthodontia

For more information about the dental plan benefits and how to sign up
for the Dental Plan, contact us by submitting the information below.
If you are currently an FEA/GEA member, please include your member number with your request.

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ONLY $24