“We believe that through truth, service and a united body, we can obtain a great many things for the individual member of the body that as an individual member it would be impossible to obtain; therefore, we, the members of the Federal Employees Association of the United States of America join in a united body to work together for the greatest benefits for the member, the member’s family, the body as a whole and the United States of America.”
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Membership Overview

FEA/GEA understands collective buying power. Since 1973, we have given our focus to providing our members with affordable off the job benefits that include big savings on most products and services. Our mission is to seek out quality companies who will provide our members with big savings.

Upon signing up or renewing your membership, you will receive a membership card like the one shown above. Your membership card will include your own unique member number that you will use each time you redeem any benefits included in the FEA/GEA membership.

Mouseover the Membership Benefits button in the menu above for a dropdown of various benefits available to our members.

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